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bishopjackson said: What's up God? Been loving all the work you've been doing. But I have a question on ideas/creativity. As of recently I've been having a hard time coming up with ideas for shoots. What are some things I can do to find and/or come up with ideas?

Thanks! Everyone’s brain works a bit differently and inspiration comes from different places. Some people take their ideas from music they listen to and others read books.

I’m a HUGE Sci-Fi/horror film guy but lately I’ve been really inspired by French indie films. They’ve really impacted the way I see and photograph my subjects/models. I love the cinematography and the way women are portrayed as very strong, confident, sexual, and free spirited individuals. I love the long dialogue and intimacy between characters. When I photograph, I play back scenes in my head and make them relevant to my model and location.

My advice to you or anyone looking for inspiration is to look in obscure places and step way out of your comfort zone. If 90% of your music consists of hip-hop then switch for a week and listen to nothing but 80’s-90’s British punk rock. Or maybe just take the long way to work in the morning and make time to really absorb the scenery.

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