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Anonymous said: Hi , Love your work . How many cameras do you take to each of your photoshoots ? Do preplan what camera you will use for different scenes and models or do you just randomly chose ?

Thanks! :-)

Honestly, and this may sound silly but, each of my cameras has a different “emotion” so it really just depends on what I want to convey with my model or subject. For instance, if I want a more intimate feel in the photograph, I may use a Rollei twin lens and take more time to compose the photo and learn my subject. If I’m working with a really energetic or playful model, I’ll use my Nikon F100 and shoot a bit more quickly. The camera(s) I take with me to a shoot just depend on how the model and I are feeling or the type of photos I want to make. Hell, sometimes I just roll out of bed and the first camera that catches my eye is the one I use that day ^_^

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