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Anonymous said: your watermarks are ruining your own pictures, not surprised people crop/edit them out

I really don’t understand why everyone’s panties are in such a knot about my watermark… I mean seriously, are you really that concerned with my watermark distracting you from my photos? Why do you want it gone so bad? If you want to see my work without such a distracting watermark, I’ve got six pieces up at the TULA art gallery in Atlanta right now and I’ll have two more up in the APG gallery at TULA from April 12-June 8. You can see my work in person and appreciate the photos without the horrible watermark ALLLLL DAYYYY LOOOONG ^_^

Besides, if you really like my work that much, it’d be nice if you and other people respected me as an artist enough to maintain the integrity of my photographs- watermark or not.

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  1. ocelotrevs said: People aren’t understanding that your photographs are your property. Dickheads.
  2. lifestooshorttodrinkcheapwine said: Smells like a thief my man !
  3. stevenjermainephotography said: Tell em man. Respect him as an artist and not steal his photographs then maybe there wouldn’t be a need to watermark. But there has been a long history of people stealing filmgod’s pictures and passing it off as their own… smh. Keep the watermarks
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