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Anonymous said: people crop your photos because your watermarks are too imposing and ugly. make them somewhat smaller and maybe transparent. drop that ego .

If you were someone of real significance… you know, maybe a potential client or reputable magazine editor and not a cowardly gray-faced anon, I might be a little more inclined to honor your request but I’m having a hard time understanding why I should entertain the demands of some random anonymous person… Especially when those demands pertain to what I do with the photos that I make and post on my blog. My ego has nothing to do with this. I just don’t get why you care so much about what I do with MY photographs nor do I think I can find it in me to really even care if you don’t like my watermarks. There are plenty of other pictures on Tumblr. If my watermark bothers you THAT bad, just unfollow my blog and find other photographs to look at :-)

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  1. danielvieviorka said: He’s mad because he can’t reblog your pictures without people knowing he didn’t take them himself. I agree with your choice of watermark.
  2. ocelotrevs said: Idiotic.
  3. wayangfotos said: My watermarks are tiny but people still crop them off, re-edit the image and claim them as their own. And I really wish tumblr had an edit function for posted text.
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